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Netsys NV-600L/R VDSL2 (Master-/Slave-Modems) Netsys NV-600L/R VDSL2

Netsys' NV-600R is a VDSL2 Modem leverages the extraordinary bandwidth promise of VDSL2 (max. 100Mbps Symmetric) technology, the next step in the delivery of new high-speed Internet applications to  end-users in their homes or offices. Quick, easy and economical to install and maintain, the NV-600L works with the NV-600R over existing copper wire infrastructure. NV-600R is a CPE (Customer Premise Equipment)  device 
VDSL2 will allow operators worldwide to compete with cable and satellite operators by offering services such as HDTV, VOD, videoconferencing, high speed Internet access and advanced voice services including VoIP, over a standard copper telephone cable.

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Inalp / Patton SmartNode 4552
(H.323 / SIP / MGCP)

2-channel VoIP Media Gateway and Router with dual ISDN BRI/S0 ports with NT and TE support

  • ISDN VoIP SoHo Router ISDN 2x BRI So
  • 10/ 100baseTX WAN
  • integrated 4-port 10/100bTX LAN switch
  • external UI power (100-240VAC)
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    Snom821 VoIP phone, Gigabit Ethernet

    VoIP businessphone incl. High-resolution color display with XML mini browser. Supported Picture on Display of IP video Door phone or IP camera. The new VoIPphone based by SIP protocol and it's Asterisk PBX and other SIP-based Ready.   

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    invoxia NVX 610 VoIP phone for iPod, iPhone
    or iPad (without Pod, iPhone or iPad)

    An Intelligent and Intuitive VoIP Phone
    Invoxia NVX 610 it's the first desktop phone which integrates the iPod, iPhone or iPad as a control interface with simplified design, we work a lot on the quality of the sound, so it's specially a good choice for the conference, it also can be used as a VoIP line/mobile convergence tool and can easily configure and work on both the SIP and Skype account.

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